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Lehigh Valley Janitorial Supply

For over 30 years Lehigh Valley Janitorial Supply has been the premier janitorial supply house for the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

Lehigh Valley Janitorial Supply offers everything you need to take your building to the next level - Green Clean.

Our complete offering includes janitorial supplies, Green Seal certified, recycled content and green clean consumables, equipment and equipment service.

Lehigh Valley Janitorial Supply provides a long list of year-round as well as seasonal janitorial supplies ranging from paper products, hand cleaners and matting, to weed killers, air fresheners and ice melting products.

Our sales representatives will help you to choose a wide range of janitorial products and hardware items, all of which are delivered right to your door. In addition, our suppliers are among the leading chemical companies in the country and are available to help you solve maintenance issues.

Lehigh Valley Janitorial Supply is the regional distributor for Advance Equipment and National Super Service (NSS) products. Should you purchase equipment through us we offer free loaners while your own machines are being maintained or repaired. Our certified staff is trained to work on most cleaning industry equipment and can offer you in-house service within the Lehigh Valley region.